After Iran's missile strike on January 8, the United States was remarkably calm, and President Donald Trump made a brief statement that night that the damage was still being counted, then went to bed, and the next morning he made a formal statement that the United States had no casualties and that the base had suffered little damage.


Iran has given very different results, saying its missiles killed 80 american troops, wounded 200, hit 20 key targets and destroyed numerous drones and helicopters. Iran's Fars news agency even said vividly that American helicopters were rushing the wounded, bringing back memories of the Vietnam war.


Of course, the bright eye to see who is lying, the United States can hide the casualties? The answer is no, because it puts the u.s. government at great risk of doing something bad for itself, and the loss of 200 people killed or injured in 80 cannot be concealed.


A similar claim was made in the Pearl Harbor incident, where the U.S. government had long known that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor, but had deliberately failed to tell its local U.S. forces to allow the Japanese attack to succeed in order to gain domestic support. Such claims are equally nonsense. If the u. s.government had known about the japanese attack plan, it would have been ready in pearl harbor, and the incoming japanese planes would have fought hard, and packed up the fleet.


Photos show military installations such as hangars and runways being hit, one hangar being directly flattened, unknown installations completely destroyed and the runways blown out of the pit.


The missiles, which hit u.s. bases, are supposed to be the \"conqueror \"313 ballistic missiles used by iran, which weigh 500 kg and are a bit more powerful than the battle department of the u.s.\" Tomahawk\" missiles.


According to the U.S. Central Command, U.S. forces carried out radar tracking of Iranian missiles flying to Assad's air base, but did not intercept, using a \"dense array\" to lay down a Qaim-1 missile at Erbil base.


So, the tense atmosphere of yesterday's saber-rattling abruptly vanished this morning, leaving many who felt the countdown to the US-Iranian war was on the verge of becoming impossible, and Trump's speech this morning, far from being tough, mentioned that the US and Iran could work hand in hand on counter-terrorism and other areas - you just ordered the killing of the first Iranian military? Iran just fired a dozen ballistic missiles at a U.S. military base? How could the transition be so smooth?


On the Iranian side, after the missile, the attitude is still quite \"radical \", indicating that the wave is finished, and the next wave, anyway, will not be willing to rest with the United States, in short, Trump you can go and see.


However, the big play, like walking the wire, the fine wire across the abyss, two people you come and go, but others just cannot fall.


Talking to a friend yesterday, talking about the dispute between Iran and the United States, will Iran retaliate after the United States has targeted the removal of Suleimani, will it be tough to fight back?


Friends say that the military and political circles have a huge division on the issue, and almost all those who study the military believe that Iran will not do it, and those who study politics believe that Iran will do it.


As a result, the men in the military circle were beaten in the face, and based on the military force of both sides, iran's attack on the united states was senseless, but iran not only hit, but also the whole body retreated, people fired missiles, but not kill their lives.


The news that iran informed the iraqi government before launching the missile, or indirectly to warn the americans, this is really antelope horn, face all have.


Mr. Yin Gang, an expert on the Middle East, gave an interview yesterday. You can take a closer look at the situation in the Middle East. The U. S. government has long been immersed in Middle East affairs and has also learned very well.


You blow up my base, I blow up your base, you burn my embassy, kill my citizens, I blow up the first of your army, you hit me dozens of missiles, I blow up my hangars and runways, I'm done.