This is the bridge of the old film \"The Horseman,\" but recently it suddenly became popular in the media. The deep reason is that it is too difficult for a man to marry. Ordinary men marry a wife, the car to ask for a bride price, basically to their parents and their wallets empty.


If the conditions of the family are poor, they can only desire the couple. The author's hometown of yongfeng county, jiangxi liangtian town lingnan village, over 30 years old cannot marry a man, has reached three figures.


A village of thousands of people, hundreds of people cannot get a wife. The reality is so cruel that men are eager for someone to ask,\" So and so on, do you want a wife? As long as you open your mouth, I'll send it to you.


At that time, the man, by the age of twenty has not married. If you have a magistrate, you will find him:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As long as you open your mouth, I'll send it to you.


Those who have a department of Yamen will say:\" It doesn't matter, as long as you want a wife, the court not only gives you a wife, but also gives your wife 40 mu of land. If you have a field, you can grow food and feed your wife and children.


As a result, so-and-so got a country hair wife, but also got 40 acres of land. This is not a novel, but from the history of the new Tang Dynasty. In the first year of zhenguan, in february ding-si, zhaomin male 20, female more than 15 husbandless, state and county to marry.


Li Shimin in order to let officials seriously implement the imperial edict to persuade people to marry, but also issued \"Lingzhou County to persuade the common people to marry in time \". Li Shimin regulation, to the timely common people send wife officials, key cultivation promotion. Officials who don't give their wives to the common people in time should be \"lost in the temple \".


Under Li Shimin's impetus, the Tang Dynasty's state and county officials, set off the popularity of giving wives to the common people. Why should Li Shimin let the state and county officials, busy sending wives to the common people?


The Sui Dynasty had a year of chaos, all kinds of princes attacked each other, resulting in a substantial reduction in the population. When Yang Guang was in the dynasty, there were more than 8.9 million households with a population of more than 60 million. When Li Shimin came to the throne, Qi Min had only about two million households, with a population of more than 10 million.


A large number of men died, and a large number of orphans and orphans appeared. In the ancient age of \"children's marriage, the fate of parents \", orphans and lonely marriage, no one to decide. Because most of the people who died in war were men, there were more women than men. A large decrease in population has also led to a large number of land waste, resulting in a situation of fewer people and more fields.


Lee focused on post-war reconstruction on population recovery. For the population to recover rapidly, marriageables must be married earlier. In such a situation, Li Shimin made a series of policies to encourage people to get married early.


Lee's first policy was to make it mandatory for girls to marry by the age of 15. If a girl refuses to marry at the age of 15, the court will not give her a field and collect four silks a year. If the girl is willing to marry, the court will give her 40 acres of land, and only 2 silk a year tax.


In the farming era, girls without land had to pay four silk taxes, which was a heavy burden on girls in ordinary families. He who marries has a field and a half-tax reduction. In and out is a large sum, so girls have to marry early.


The court has a large number of female prisoners of war, as well as many widows who have lost their husbands, and many lone daughters who have lost their parents, so that the court has the conditions to give wives to poor bachelors. A large number of orphans who have lost their parents, and poor people who cannot afford to marry, under the arrangements of the court, married a wife who brought 40 acres of land free of charge.


The marriage of the solitary daughter and the female prisoner of war is well arranged, but the marriage of the widow gives Li Shimin a headache. In the late Sui Dynasty, a large number of male men died and the number of widows was staggering. Lee must find a way to restore the population to the widow. Confucian culture, requiring women to end from one. Before the Tang Dynasty, the court had neither supported nor objected to the widow's remarriage.


Li Shimin in order to let the widow remarry, in the \"lingzhou county to persuade the common people to marry in time \", asked state county officials, must go to persuade widows to remarry. Li Shimin afraid of state and county officials forced widows to remarry, but also stressed that:\" women have children if the festival is not strong.\"


Li Shimin ordered state and county officials to force girls to marry at the age of 15 by means of taxes and land distribution. The marriage rate also increased rapidly by giving wives to the poor and persuading widows to remarry.


As the marriage rate rises, the percentage of singles naturally decreases. As far as I know, Zhenguan Dynasty is one of the lowest proportion of bachelors in history, perhaps not one.


The court had plenty of land to give to the common people, and the low level of tax revenue made the common people eat. The people who fed and fed the food actively gave birth, making the population of the Tang Dynasty appear rapid growth, and achieved the great cause of the rule of virginity.


Li Shimin can send his wife with 40 mu of land to the common people, the most important reason is that \"more men and less women\" and \"more people and less fields \", the two conditions are indispensable. Later dynasties, do not have these two conditions, so there is no court free wife, but also the situation of sending fields.