Make-up also has New Year's restrictions, such as the introduction of new year's flame limited lipstick series Flaming Red, fortunately there is no terrible zodiac printing ~~Dior also prepared for the New Year's Day opening artifact: red tube liquid lipstick and red tube flower core lipstick, super beautiful!


And Prada's ads this year have gone a long way, knowing that for the Chinese, homecoming is an eternal theme for the Lunar New Year. So they focused the footage on Guomu Chunjin and her way home.


And to cope with these different occasions, naturally need different equipment. Big cake for everyone to anticipate a lot of you may meet the scene, how to wear, you have a good match!


Chinese New Year, other than say, their parents, relatives are certain to meet! What is the most important thing to see your parents wear? Come, read with the pie! Warm!


Whatever your wide - shouldered suit, satin dress... They won't like it. Tell them these are fashionable? Rest assured, they won't listen. They knew: my daughter dressed like this, cold!


Even Aixiu's 10,000-year-old Kendo has recently contributed three-shot duvets. This coffee-colored The NorthFace breadsuit, which she paired with leather trousers, tracksuit bottoms, hooded tops, and extra chic -


Don't let your mother see that you'll be happier when you're wearing baggy pants like the frozen goddess yuli, and hide a pair of fur pants inside.


On the selection, you'll find the super-sized duvets that used to be popular in previous years, which are now rare. Instead, it's more of a medium-and-short bread suit. Fashion doesn't pick people.


The faux-skin duvet, like the NANUSHKA, is worn by bloggers Brittany Xavier and Xenia Ardents. It's cool with leather pants and jeans.


Dong Jie and German blogger Lisa Hahnbuck are from Prada and LV, respectively. AimeeSong This green and black dress comes from her own brand.


Yang mi This is a joint series of bosden and gotiye, with a great sense of design. Aimee Song is still wearing their own brand, soft waxy waxy very gentle. Blogger Kristina this one comes from 2 MOOD, the fabric with pearlescent feeling is too rare!


Like the 2020 classic blue, a look is a good girl's pink, parents must like the festive red, mischievous color.... down jacket can also be very brilliant:


But after all, it is also formal to see parents, too publicity, too neutral, too exposed street style is also inappropriate. It is most appropriate to dress appropriately and not lose your temperament.


The reason for this is that wide-legged pants themselves are more airy and more suitable for big women; and coats are more gentle and less professional than suits.


In terms of interior, textured knitwear and well-heeled wide-legged trousers are preferred. If you're smart enough to be indifferent, you'll be more sophisticated. Shortly before the cake there is a set of all camel look, is very suitable for this occasion.


If you want to be non-monotonic, you can also replace the inside skirt with a print. Jenny, Caroline and even the Queen of Spain all wear this.


If you want to make a good first impression on your mother-in-law, compared to the seriousness of the dark coat, the white coat will make you look softer; and red? The New Year is always a little festive, and Asians look good in red:


The New Year is always a bit of a ritual, and the plush coat is the right thing to do. Worried that the grass is not well dressed on the \"upstart \"? With a smart suit, you can solve the problem.


In the selection of plush coats, beige, khaki, camel-colored teddy bears can still be worn. The classic texture of the single product is really not out of date symbol. Besides, it looks really gorgeous and expensive.


But as long as the saturation is reduced, many colors will become easy to handle. Like light pink, wine red, olive green... are a little small special, but not difficult to wear color, but also very festive atmosphere.


It's also a party, and it's much easier to be with your best friend. You can relax and show off your fashion skills. Only like-minded best friends will understand your fashion mind. Those elders, straight men cannot appreciate the fashion point, in front of the best friend is \"Wow! You are too good!


Darja Barannik, a blogger, and Eva Chen, an editor-in-chief, both used to go through the two windbreakers. But in any way, it's weird for straight men to know you


Everybody knows a suit can be stuffed inside a long coat, but have you ever thought about putting it on the outside of a long coat? Stylish blogger Erika Boldrin's patchwork windbreaker has a different effect.


And we've written before about the way we wear at least two shirts, whether it's a Japanese literary norm or Julie Pelipas's big-woman style, which can be used:


You can be a little bolder, wearing a short denim jacket over a suit, aviators, and even pick up some \"fake two-pair\" pants to create the effect of a pair of pants stacked up... too much fun to wear.


This year's leather jacket is no longer just a hard leather jacket, all kinds of lapel suits, shirts are beginning to become popular, these are indeed from the father's era of retro.


Since it's a sister party, of course it's cool! A vintage leather coat, with a handsome pants on the super look. Kendo and the weird kid Reese all picked up the green leather jacket, put on the leather pants and checked pants respectively, good-looking and eye-catching!

尤其是最近火了很久的中长裙 长靴,放在这一组再合适不过,把温柔和大女人气质融合的刚刚好。如果裙摆有不规则设计,效果会更棒。

In particular, the recent long fire in the mid-length skirt boots, in this group is the most appropriate, gentle and feminine fusion of the right. If the skirt has irregular design, the effect will be better.

不光是中长裙,西装搭短裙也会有种60年代的复古感,当年Twiggy就经常这么穿。加上今年又是暖冬,这么搭还挺实用的。怕冷的妹子么,光腿神器 长靴,你值得拥有!

Not only the mid-and-long skirts, but also the short dresses in suits and short skirts will have a retro sense of the 1960s, which Twiggy used to wear. Plus it's warm winter this year, so it's practical. Afraid of the cold girl, bare leg artifact boots, you deserve to have!

如果是温柔系女生呢,那就很适合针织衫 百褶裙的组合。日杂里超多这样的搭配,一看就是个温柔的小姐姐。就连性感惯了的李老师,穿上这样一身都变得乖巧不少。

If it's a gentle girl, it's perfect for a knitted sweater pleated skirt combo. More days than such a match, a look is a gentle little sister. Even the sexy teacher Li, wearing such a body have become a lot of clever.


The little blogger Vivid Wu has several of these stick needles. The purple one on the left is from Frisson Handknits, too. It's perfect for the New Year! Love!


Every year before the New Year, the company can appeal to everyone's enthusiasm is probably the annual meeting. Some eat and some play, don't have to go to work and get a salary.


Blogger Jeanette Madsen's ROTATE Birger blouse over Linda Tol, paired with high-waisted little black pants and jeans, is two completely different styles: