Yatsuya House – Japanese Home Takes Inspiration from Religious Structures

Yatsuya House can be found in the region of Aichi in Japan. It’s been designed by local architecture firm, Hitoshi Sugishita Architect and Associates, for a young family who wanted to live closer to their parents.

The site occupies an area of 284-square-meters (3,056-square-feet), while the house contains 142-square-meters (1,528-square-feet) spread over a single level. The architects drew on Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines for inspiration when drawing up the interior.


Project Details
Architect Hitoshi Sugishita Architect and Associates
Area 284-square-meters
Photos Hitoshi Sugishita, Takafumi Toshino
Location Aichi, Japan

On approaching the home, you’re welcomed by a transitional sheltered porch, which extends down from the home’s roof. This is again taken from religious structures that frequently feature large, prominent, entrance halls and porches.


The interior is finished in mostly natural materials. Wood is prominent throughout, with the roof beams, sheathing and occasional columns on display. The walls are clad with a white stucco, and the furniture pieces are made from pale wood.


Being modeled after religious buildings, it’s no surprise that they’ve used the various windows to create a dramatic play of light and dark. The overall result is an atmosphere of tranquility; a serene home that promotes a sense of peacefulness.

Photos © Hitoshi Sugishita, Takafumi Toshino

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