I don't know if you have said that the Internet red twins in the international fashion industry wave, this fashion wave is called Twinfluencers, their common characteristics are: similar appearance, wearing force!


And when it comes to the recent fashion super-hot twin sisters, be sure to mention the Simi Haze sisters, who not only have distinct silhouettes with deep facial features, but also have a pair of super-identifying cat-eyes, and instantly distance themselves from the same number of other network celebrities, becoming one of the synonyms of Twins.


From fashion wear, daily makeup to fitness travel, there are countless fans competing to imitate, become a social platform fashion big fan, this pair of network red sisters love Martin boots, with pompous short skirt, also love to match CropTop, small waist plus anti-heavenly long legs, the immortal body is really sour.


Of course, the trendy legs of Twins, not to miss a pair of pointed stilettos or sheer heels, not only grow legs, but also everywhere the smell of femininity.


The sisters, simi haze, can be said to be european and american sexy, while they can handle hip-hop street style, both sexy and stylish, double wear ring powder countless, they just go there to put a pose is a fashion blockbuster.


This isn't the first time the twin sisters have gone on fire, SimiHaze is a model from childhood beauty to big, they have a love of art parents, the two sisters from childhood, the aesthetic is extremely high, young age can match their own unique style.


At the age of 14, they were also invited to participate, and became the angel girl chosen by the old Buddha to film his \"The Little Black Jacket: Chanel's Classic Revisited.\"


In Cartier, Dior and other brands of the big show scene, unrestrained sister flower Simi Haze can always firmly grasp people's eyeballs, high sense and trendy sense of fashion wear, cold and sexy temperament of both, small editor to see all super heart!


Whether out of the street or at events, the style is always bold and avant-garde, never overturned, the various styles can be controlled, even the fashion magazine Vogue cannot help but praise them, although not a scientific background, but taste has long surpassed many new generation supermodels.


But Simi Haze's sisters, who can eat from their faces, have to follow the path of slash youth, and love their DJ careers more than their big-ticket inspirational muses.


They graduated from the university of southern california in film production and art, music lovers who can draw inspiration from the genre into their own music, from the biggest party of the cannes to the big shows and the live scene of the festival, they can always let the audience follow the sound waves, and soon become a big jump scene.


Walking show, jumping and playing, they are just like a bunch of supermodels and silly faces become best friends, there is a popular brother Fai, Yan Yan online, clothes open and hang, handsome and gentle and considerate, but also with Ken beans out of love gossip, so that a group of onlookers do not know who to envy for a while.

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