Two Suites Combine to Form a Spacious Family Apartment in Sao Paulo

Studio GT were enlisted by the owner of this property to combine two separate suites into a single, modern, family home. The apartment sports a number of features designed to keep the space functional, flexible and clean. The property is set in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

The entryway to the now combined apartment is concealed by a u-shaped bookcase. The door leading in from the entrance hallway to the main body of the apartment is almost indistinguishable from the rest of the bookcase when closed. The only give away is the series of closed face panels, and a subtle door pull.

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The bookcase also help to segment the open plan living area. You first enter the living room, which is also divided into two parts thanks to the double-sided couch. One end of the living room is a more formal lounge, while the other is more relaxed and faces a TV.

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Following the bend of the u-shaped bookcase, you’ll encounter a home office. On the opposite side of the bookcase, there’s a large dining area that accommodates the whole family. The kitchen, a relatively small and humble affair compared to the other rooms, can be found to the back of the dining room.

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A number of bedrooms and bathrooms then feed off from the main living space, providing a quiet, private, getaway from the otherwise open plan.

Photos © MCA Estudio

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