Two Homes from Jeongwang-Dong in South Korea by Maasarchitecture

This project was completed for a young couple and their 7-year-old child. The family had lived in an apartment for 10 years previously, and was given a plot of land with in a site zoned for housing development. They approached a local architecture firm called Maasarchitecture to create home for them.

The family set the designers a relatively short brief: to create a home where their child could enjoy a more playful interaction with their surroundings.

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Project Details
Archtiects Maasarchitect
Location Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Area 169-square-meters
Year 2017
Photos Namsun Lee

The house is set on a 248-square-meter plot that’s zoned for residential use. Building regulations stipulate that the house have a “30% building coverage ratio and an 80% floor area ratio”. Due to the limitations placed on the site, Maasarchitecture set about producing two homes on the plot with a footprint of 72-square-meters each.

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In addition to clients overall objective, they also stated a number of much more specific requirements. The first being that they wanted two separate homes, one of which would potentially be leased out. The houses also had to have separate entrances, but share a common garden space.

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The house, which was built in August 2016, was completed in December 2016 and became a new home for the owner. I hope to give them a new life, and to be a “Jeongwang-dong Du Jib” (Two Home in Jeongwang-dong) for them to gather together warm happiness. – Maasarchitecture

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Photos © Namsun Lee

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