Three Gardens House Features an Outdoor Space for Every Season

This large property, dubbed Three Gardens House, is a new build from the heart of Kuwait. It’s been designed by AGI Architects, and was intended to function as a home that allowed you to live outside all year long. To achieve this, the architects had to compete with Kuwait’s extreme climate.

The house incorporates three gardens, which are weaved into and out of the home, miring the distinction between interior and exterior. Lines of communication are also maintained regardless of what part of the home you’re in thanks to large inward-looking windows to the central courtyard.

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We decided to stratify the external uses according to the period of the year and the hours of the day in which these activities could be developed, and accordingly we designed three gardens. – AGi Architects

Each of the gardens is designed to be used at a different point in the year. The first, found on the ground floor, is a wet garden and is intended to be used during the warmer seasons. A pool and a series of foundation flow into the garden. It’s also placed centrally, and surrounded by the home’s living spaces.

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The summer garden is set four meters below street level, making use of thermal mass and shadows to help create a cool, relaxing space. There’s also a large pond that’s designed to introduce fresh, moist air as it evaporates.

The final garden is located on the roof, and is intended for winter days and summer nights. A perforated metal screen helps reduce solar radiation and also acts as a privacy screen.

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