This Small House Serves as a Gallery, a Workshop and as a Place for Gardening

This small house from Hiroshima in Japan has been designed for an elderly couple who enjoy gardening. Not only did the home have to cater for their gardening whims, but it also had to accommodate a variety store and have the ability to host a gallery, or workshop.

To achieve this, they contacted a local firm by the name of Fujiwaramuro Architects. The designers at Fujiwaramuro proposed an exterior walkway that would continue through to the interior of the house, around which the living areas could be formed.

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Project Details
Architects Fujiwaramuro Architects
Location Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Area 83-square-meters
Year 2015
Photos Toshiyuki Yano

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The walkway is composed of an earthen floor (known as a doma in Japan) and dotted with patches of flowers, shrubs and trees. The house itself is positioned diagonally so as to capture views of the mountains visible from the road side.

Making the most of existing Japanese dogwood trees, the house is located diagonally to the site with consideration given to a view of mountains on the road side, daylight from the south and misalignment of eye lines from adjacent lands.

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The home’s interior living areas are spread around the circular walkway. From the bottom left of the plan, you’ll encounter the kitchen, which looks out into the shared living space. This is followed by the bedroom (complete with a small walk-in closet) in the top left corner, while the top right corner is occupied by a toilet with a separate washroom/bathroom.

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The central portion of the home, taken up by the walkway, is used predominantly as a dining area. The final room of the home, found at the bottom right of the plan, is used as a workshop or guest bedroom.

After the completion, the house becomes a gathering place for people, including parents and children of the owners living nearby. The atmosphere of the house will continue to change as the plants grow.

Photos © Toshiyuki Yano

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