The Junsei House Explores Sustainability Through Lifestyle Choices

Located in Seattle in the United States, this house has been designed for a couple who wanted to simplify their life. The act of simplification included downsizing their home and learning to live with less, and this home, dubbed The Junsei House, aims to facilitate that transition.

The project was completed in 2016 with the help of local architecture studio, Suyama Peterson Deguchi. They, in collaboration with the clients, managed to pin down a holistic approach to the design of the house in terms of usage and sustainability.

The Junsei House - Suyama Peterson Deguchi - United States - Exterior 1 - DesignFutz

Project Details
Architects Suyama Peterson Deguchi
Location Seattle, United State
Area 2047-square-feet
Year 2016
Photos Charlie Schuck

The house is set in an area that was once known for its fishing and logging. It was these elements that the architects wanted to incorporate into the house’s aesthetic, allowing it to blend in with the background rather than standing out.

The Junsei House - Suyama Peterson Deguchi - United States - Interior 1 - DesignFutz

The house’s spaces give one a feeling of completeness, eliminating the need for more things. Simple, efficient and quiet in design, the house is a reaction to today’s technology and offers a refuge in an ever changing, chaotic world. – Suyama Peterson Deguchi

All existing trees on the site were left as is, and excessive excavation was avoided so as to limit disruption to their root system. This left only 18 feet by 80 feet of usable space on the site. The designers had a minimal budget (no mention of what it was unfortunately) it was both necessary and intentional to create a frugal home. The result, as the architects put it, is a purer design.

The Junsei House - Suyama Peterson Deguchi - United States - Interior 7 - DesignFutz

Producing little visual noise, the house is composed of a simple vernacular shape in which all programmatic elements were distilled down to their fundamental requirement. The relatively open floor plan and flexibility of spaces lends itself to a variety of uses, causing the resident to reevaluate how they live. Spaces can be occupied in different ways depending on seasonal conditions or social gatherings. – Suyama Peterson Deguchi

During the design of the Junsei House, accommodating sustainability became not just about materials, products and finishes, but also about the clients attitude and lifestyle choices; examining how they would live in the home and how their habits could inform a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Junsei House - Suyama Peterson Deguchi - United States - Interior 2 - DesignFutz

Photos © Charlie Schuck

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