SOOK Architects Transform a Thailand Family Retreat to a Modern Resort

This resort from Chiang Mai in Thailand, originally served as gathering place for the owner’s family. It consisted of a site with 3 bungalows that were used for house parties. Over time, the spot garnered a reputation thanks to the food served and the visitors, friends and guests of the family that attended the parties.

This ultimately lead to the redevelopment of the site as a resort. A local company by the name of SOOK Architects were responsible for transforming the property from a family retreat into an established resort.

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Project Details
Architects SOOK Architects
Location Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Area 670-square-meters
Year 2006
Photos Spaceshift Studio

During the first phase of the project, SOOK Architects undertook the design of a restaurant/lobby/office, four bungalow suites, a three-bedroom family bungalow, and several houses for employees and their families. But before they could move forward, they had to tear down the existing decaying huts.

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The new buildings attempt to reflect the previous structures found on the site. They’re also inspired by the Siamese vernacular architecture of hill tribes, but feature a much larger footprint. When positioning the buildings, SOOK took into account the existing trees, and attempting to build around and among them.

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Each of the new structures is finished in a contemporary fashion, but pays homage to the regions architectural history. The walls are lined with dark wood siding, ceilings are finished in a bright white, and luxurious furniture pieces and fixtures are scattered throughout.

Photos © Spaceshift Studio

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