Sarah Zames Combines Two Apartments from Brooklyn’s Industrial District

Set in the depths of Brooklyn’s industrial district, this project has transformed two plain apartments into a single large property. Simply titled Apartments Renovation, it’s now home to a series of modern living spaces. The project was taken on by architect Sarah Zames of the firm, General Assembly.

Zames was enlisted by the owners, Brian Crano and David Craig. After moving to Brooklyn from Los Angeles, the duo were struggling to find a suitable replacement for the home they left behind. However, after viewing the apartments of Brooklyn’s Vinegar Hill, they came up with a plan to create their perfect home.

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The couple ended up buying two of the top floor apartments. Zames was then drafted to help transform the two individual properties into a single cohesive unit.

They took a developer’s building that was built without anyone in mind and really sculpted it to be exactly what is right for them. – Sarah Zames

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The general layout was maintained. One apartment serves as a space for entertaining guests and friends, while the other is more personal and intimate.

With the apartment divided into two main areas, Zames pushed functional rooms (like the bedroom and home office) to the side so as to make way for leisure spaces. Open plan living areas were employed, particularly for the living room and kitchen.

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The material finishes vary from reclaimed oak flooring and custom cabinetry, to bright colorful wallpapers and designer furniture pieces. The choice in finishes also helped define the different zones of the home.

We used raw and industrial materials on one side and brought more texture and color to the other. In the public space all the walls are bright whites since they get a lot of great light, and on the bedroom side we painted the ceiling a dark blue to make it feel quieter and calmer. – Sarah Zames

Photos © General Assembly Design

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