Quinta do Fortunato – Luxurious Lodges Created from Dilapidated Farm Buildings

This pair of lodges from Meixedo in Portugal have been created from the ruins of the site’s existing buildings. The original stone structures were once used to house and feed cattle. More recently they’ve been upgraded to a pair of luxurious lodging units as part of a tourism initiative.

The project, titled Quinta do Fortunato, was undertaken by local architect, José Luís Veloso. The task of sensitively renovating the buildings, without destroying the historical elements, was no easy task. However, it looks like Veloso has pulled it off; the resulting spaces flow into one another, with a clear distinction between old and new.

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Project Details
Architects José Luís Veloso
Location Meixedo, Portugal
Area 387-square-meters
Year 2016
Photos Paulo Carvalho

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The site contains a total of 4,166-square-feet (387-square-meters). The project required the original stone walls to be structurally evaluated, with some maintenance work and repointing being carried out. After this, the inserting of new elements could begin.

The new aspects take inspiration from the regions vernacular design. Veloso has interpreted it into a much more contemporary form, so as to leave a clear distinction between old and new.

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The testimony of the existing building is underlined, in both houses, with the almost complete maintenance of the structures, adding new volumes that guarantee, from the start, the relationship between the old and the new in different forms adequate and merged, giving space to the preservation of the vernacular architecture of this region of the country – the Alto Minho – and thus becoming a structure closer to contemporary architecture. – José Luís Veloso

While the building isn’t located at a high altitude, it does feature fantastic views of the immediate landscape – something which has been taken advantage through the fenestration arrangement. According to the architect, all glazing aims to harmonize with the with the exterior, while also accounting for the occupants privacy.

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The site of the building, although not located at high altitude, allows to appreciate magnificent views. This was taken into account in the space distribution inside, guaranteeing from the outset the relationship with the environment as a guideline, always safeguarding privacy.

Veloso was given a limited budget to work with. He believes the financial constraints actually improved the design, because it forced him to adopt low-cost solutions and locally available materials.

Photos © Paulo Carvalho

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