PI House – A Home Built Around an Artist and a Carpenter by Gaztelu Jerez

Dubbed PI House, this home combines modernism with traditional sensibilities. It’s been built for a couple who owned the land, along with an old house that was built as part of an initiative to promote the area back in 1946. The original house was in a state of disrepair and had to be replaced.

The new home, titled after the owner’s first initials (P and I), attempts to bridge the gap between the original structures built on the land and new “interventions”, as the designers put it. The project was taken on board local by architect, Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos.

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Project Details
Architects Gaztelu Jerez Arquitectos
Location Burgos, Spain
Area 200-square-meters
Year 2016
Photos Javier Bravo Jabato

The original houses are modest, rational, have a simple construction and are based on what could be considered as a vernacular or popular architecture. Unfortunately, nowadays the district is very deteriorated, given that many new houses have been built without any link nor sensitivity to the pre-existence. So, sometimes, the district is unrecognizable.

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For the new home, the clients asked for two studio spaces: one to accommodate a printing press and the other to cater for carpentry. Taking inspiration from the old house, the home is composed of two main buildings.

The ground floor contains an open plan living room, kitchen and dining area. A corridor connects it to the other end of the building, which features the studios, a bathroom and a bedroom. A two-car garage also hugs this side of the house.

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The upper level, placed over the studio end of the building only, features another two bedrooms. The bedrooms each come with their own bathroom and storage closets. From this level you’re also able to view the surrounding landscape, including the Arlanzón’s wooded riverbank to the south.

Remembering the original ones, the new house has whitewashed façades, Campaspero limestone wainscots and reddish tile roofs. Inside the house, spaces with water are covered by traditional green tiles. Above all, we have tried that P and I identify with their house, and that with the use and the passing of time they turn it into their home.

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Photos © Javier Bravo Jabato

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