Combined with the development of IP operation in the last two years, the operation mode of network IP has changed greatly under the cooperation of head IP platform and related big factory. From the early rough development to today's implementation of fine operations, so that more quality IP value can really play. One of the most prominent representatives is China Literature Group's head of the Internet IP,\" Continental.\"


In 2018, China Literature Group first put forward the \"IP full chain service\" operation idea, in the field of game adaptation, with the head influence IP \"Doula Continental\" as the core of the omnidirectional matrix development, successfully launched the \"New Doula Continental \",\" Doula Continental H5\" and other games.


Under the mature market operation means, the potential value of net text IP has been further verified. So for the game manufacturers, what kind of network IP theme is more adaptive value? What other heavyweight web-text IPs have not been developed in 2019? in the following, we will further parse.


Along with \"stray earth \",\" three-body\" and other film and television novel sales, science fiction is becoming more and more popular. At the beginning of the best-selling book list, you can often see science fiction. And in the field of games, there are such popular styles as \"after tomorrow\" appear.


From a market point of view, science fiction survival is undoubtedly one of the hottest emerging themes, it has great value has not been released. Some game makers with a keen sense of smell are looking at the segment early on, while Web-based IP has become their focus.


\"The First Sequence,\" written by the talking elbow of the author of\" The Great King's Rao,\" is arguably one of the most high-profile sci-fi survival articles of 2019. Since this year's series in april so far the network has read more than ten million, in the starting point of reading app on the top of the list, QQ reading has also received millions of appreciation.


The explosion of 《's first sequence is not unreasonable. From the core of the novel, it cuts into two major pain points for current users: one is the need for spiritual growth and struggle, and the other is the desire to explore the unknown novelty world. These two points fit well in the game adaptation.


In the post-disaster world, the entry of asylum barriers has become an important means of human survival, juvenile millet living outside the barrier in the market town, although underage, but to survive, show a calm and calm with age. As a displaced man, it is more difficult to enter a fortress of refuge than to go to heaven, but he still relies on his tenacious will to move forward step by step to find a chance to survive.


It's a classic science fiction novel with a series of stories centered on the protagonist and the growing struggle of his friends around him. Its worldview, set in the unknown world hundreds of years later, involves a wealth of adventure elements such as construction, survival, and fighting. Unlike the survival game,\" After Tomorrow,\" it also includes role-playing settings like race, such as superhumans, nano-warriors, and experimenters. At the same time, thanks to the novel's creative techniques, it is also more fully depicted in the plot, help to build a game world view and design plot tasks, to bring more novel adventure plot experience to players.

  从改编潜力来看,《第一序列》主打的科幻求生题材当前用户市场已十分庞大,近两年也有被市场验证过的商业化成功案例,最为关键的是当前该领域的游戏高品质爆款极少,因此相较于主流品类它仍存在极大用户价值洼地。而综合内容改编方向上,无论是开发RPG,还是模拟经营 实时战斗游戏该IP均非常合适,给予游戏厂商较大的选择空间。

Judging from the adaptation potential, the sci-fi survival theme of the first series is now very large, and there have been successful commercialization cases verified by the market in the last two years, the most important thing is that there are few high-quality popular styles in the field, so it still has a great user value depression compared with the mainstream category. In the direction of content adaptation, the IP is suitable for both RPG and real-time combat games, giving game makers a lot of choice space.


As a domestic network IP giant, China Literature Group must also see this market opportunity, as one of the key recommended game IP. And can be included in the main list of IP, usually in animation, film and television adaptation will be faster. Therefore, for game manufacturers, priority to choose IP adaptation in addition to the convenience of subsequent linkage promotion, the IP appreciation space is more desirable.


According to the game gyroscope observation, China Literature Group this year's game-based adaptation of IP, many of the mainstream theme also integrated into the \"science fiction\" elements. Such as modern practice, quadratic element and game themes, and after the combination of multiple, these themes also burst out a stronger appeal.


Real class IP has always been the most popular game manufacturers adapted theme, in the game industry this category has long been in the purchase of TOP3. In the past, China Literature Group has also successfully adapted a number of online articles, such as \"immortal mortals \",\" the death of immortals\" and \"choose heaven \". And in this year's China Literature Group recommended Xiuzhen class IP, we can see some more differentiated content appears. For example, the starting point of the China Literature Group Platinum writer goose is the fifth creation of the world's ninth.


《 The Ninth World is about a man from the land of Aaron who crossed the stars and began his journey on earth. The novel's grand view of the world, covering a number of planetary world scenes, such as the luyuan empire, fairy actress, martial arts academy, forget chuan temple and so on, greatly increased the game design play space. From the adaptation direction, the IP is very suitable for the adaptation of MMORPG, ARPG.


Taking the modern practice as the core, it combines the sci-fi elements of the world's ninth, and its differentiated features are widely recognized by users. The novel is also lauded as an urban adventure that combines modernism and future science fiction. From the data point of view, the single qq reading app it has received almost 20 million praise, the novel in the online reading of the cumulative amount of more than 20 million.


As a popular category of domestic games in recent years, quadratic element has become the object of many game manufacturers. Integrated China Literature Group's popular web IP, there are also many suitable for the development of quadratic element games. For example, China Literature Group starting point of the Great God author's creation of \"Collapse Xinghe \", as well as China Literature Group starting point of platinum writer far pupil creation of\" the sword of dawn,\" are the market's hottest quadratic element IP, the subject matter also contains science fiction elements.


Among them,\" breaking down the stars \"tells the story of the hero wang yao traveling all over the world and chivalrous, and the whole novel continues the humorous style of his Majesty's past. In the online king has a large number of fans, its other work,\" the former Lingjianshan \"adaptation of film and television drama, animation, cartoon and other works have been online, has become one of the successful representatives of the development of IP matrix in the field of pan-entertainment in recent years.


It is worth noting that the large-scale animation works adapted from the novel of the same name of \"avalanche Xinghe\" have been launched, with a leading advantage in the value of IP development, and its number of users will also grow faster with the animation.


Another,\" The Sword of Dawn,\" by Platinum author of the China Literature Group, focuses on the quadratic element of the western background and also has the elements of science fiction in the future. The novel has knight, sorcerer, rune division and other role setting, the main line around the character's struggle to grow, so it is also very suitable for adapting the game.


The last \"supernatural machinist\" is a cross-science-fiction play written for the starting point god qi peijia, the highest starting point of the original works of the same type of work, hot list, collection list of the second good results, user scores are also high.


The novel tells a \"star sea\" game of the ashes of the generation practice, through back to the game before the public test, resolutely choose the most difficult mechanical department, in the game experienced the growing challenges of the story.


From the view of the world outlook and content setting,\" supernatural mechanic \"itself is the game content as the core, the career setting is divided into five main occupation and many deputy jobs, the choice of job is rich; and the main star wars science fiction setting can release the imagination of fine arts to the maximum extent. So there's no doubt in the adaptation that it fits the game. From the content point of view, the IP is suitable for adaptation into MMORPG, ARPG, card and other types.


Compared with the past, today's network IP operation mode is more mature. The IP full-chain development model will further boost IP value, as the most typical representative of 2019 has been mentioned in the opening edition, and the IP life cycle will be greatly extended in a well-planned and mature mode of operation.


And with the improvement of domestic game development level, affected by the trend of game boutique, IP rough development phenomenon is less and less, so that IP content is better displayed.


Under the dual-wheel drive of IP side and R