Loewinger Residence is a Cool Minimalist Getaway from California

Dubbed Loewinger Residence after its owner and designer, Shevi Loewinger, this property is set in the small town of Guerneville in California, USA. The house is set of a plot of land that receives plenty of sunlight and is surrounded by old redwood trees, one of which can be found in the home’s backyard.

Loewinger had been on the look out for a plot of land that could play home to a modern vacation rental. Once he had found the right site, the design was already well established in his mind’s eye; a wooden home finished in a modern style with high ceilings and open living areas.

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Project Details
Architects Shevi Loewinger, Ravit Kaplan
Location Guerneville, CA, USA
Area 1,500-square-feet
Year 2016
Photos Chat Mellon

Loewinger Residence is finished in a mix of plain white walls, warm wooden ceilings, and gray tile floors. The interior decor and design is minimalist in its execution. Large windows lined the walls, introducing lots of natural light into the living areas and providing a means of ventilating the home.

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The ceiling heights range from 13 feet at the front of the home, to 20 feet at the back. The height increases towards the back of the home in order to take advantage of the surrounding views, and in particular the giant redwood tree. There are a total of three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a single open plan living room, dining area and kitchen. Upstairs there’s also a large mezzanine.

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Photos © Chad Mellon

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