Lavent House – COA Mimarik Design a Fresh, Flexible Apartment for Newlyweds

This apartment has been given a face lift by the Turkish architecture firm, COA Mimarlik. The project, dubbed Levent House, saw the designers transform the interior for a newly married couple. During the process, they attempted to interpret the needs and lifestyle of the owners in order to create a home that was truly fashioned around them.

The original apartment had been divided up in to a number of small rooms with partition walls and corridors. Resulting in a dark, confined atmosphere. Hence, the first step in the redesign was to remove items that blocked the apartments true potential.

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Project Details
Architects COA Mimarlik
Location Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey
Area 78-square-meters
Year 2016
Photos Alt Kat Photography

The unit has a floor area covering 78-square-meters (840-square-feet), a relatively generous space. But before they could begin reinstating rooms, and because of the age of the property, they had to rewire and re-plumb the home. With this taken care of, they were able to start the interior redesign.

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The largest room in Lavent House is the living/dining room. Being set to the front of the building, it features large windows that are able to draw in plenty of natural light. Within the living room, the architects have created a flexible storage system that the owners will be able to rearrange to their liking.

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The kitchen is found adjacent the living/dining room. Both areas are connected to the back of the property through a central corridor. Doors have been removed throughout, bar the bedroom and bathroom. This has the effect of maintaining an open, flowing circulation plan.

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To the back of the apartment you’ll find the master bedroom (again, kitted out with a flexible storage system) and a generous home office. There’s also a small balcony accessible from the office.

We always tend to give a little independence to the customer by providing some space for them to personalize, redesign whenever they need. The tv unit was designed this way. Only the buttom cabinets and the vertical white structures are fixed, neither the racks nor the boxes aren’t. By this design, the customer can arrange the whole unit every time, in many ways. Also the wood panel with holes can provide various uses by plugging the wood pieces in.

Photos © Alt Kat Photography

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