IROJE KHM Create a Home Inspired by an Airplane in South Korea

South Korean architecture firm, IROJE KHM, were responsible for delivering this unusual project from Gyeongseo-dong in Incheon, South Korea. The project is composed of a large family home. The architects have tried to make it sit “lightly” on the plot by building bridges between inside and outside spaces.

Completed in early 2017, the house is composed of a series sweeping curves, a green grass courtyard that flows around the homes perimeter, and a hub that contains the living spaces.

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Project Details
Architects IROJE KHM Architects
Location Gyeongseo-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea
Size 195-square-meters
Year 2017
Photos Sergio Pirrone

The client is a pilot and works in Incheon airport, found nearby. It’s from the owners day job that lead them to the unusual design; the curves are meant to symbolize the flight of an airplane.

We relate the Korean traditional architectural formative characteristic with the pilot’s daily behavioral characteristic which is flight and try to construct – symbolically – the cultural identity of the house. – IROJE KHM

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Inside and out have been brought closer together through the use of the garden and a traditional Korean pavilion. The garden extends up to the home’s roof, weaving its way through the different levels alongside staircases, and providing both internal and external viewpoints.

We transformed the Korean traditional architect’s spatial and landscape element such as yard, garden and rumaru pavilion into contemporary housing program which applies the house main outer space and afforest the rooftop so that when you walk from the courtyard to the roof top, it makes a landscape for the sloped roof garden that allows strolling circulation.

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The house itself is substantial, featuring a number of large family orientated living spaces. The finish is contemporary throughout and makes heavy use of concrete based materials, from the polished floors and staircases to the block work walls. Concrete was the material of choice thanks to its flexibility and its cost effectiveness – it can be used both as a structural material and as a finished surface.

We had to overcome the small construction cost budget and in order to realize the design’s conceptual result such as the program and spatial term, so we had to establish an economical and simple budget plan… The structural material becomes a finishing material so that the total construction fee is minimized and creates a simple interior space. – IROJE KHM

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Photos © Sergio Pirrone

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