House in Tokushima – A Bright and Calm Family Home by Fujiwara Muro Architects

Appearing out the landscape like a series of steps, this property can be found in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. The house has been built for a young family and their two children. It also accommodates the owners needs for a home office, enabling them to spend more time with family instead of the workplace.

The house is located in the suburbs and is surrounded by a series of grassy man-made embankments, providing some privacy for the occupants, and helping the home mellow in against its more traditional surroundings.

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Project Details
Architects Fujiwara Muro Architects
Location Tokushima Prefecture, Japan
Area 159-square-meters
Year 2014
Photos Toshiyuki Yano

The interior of the house is composed of white walls, warm wood floors and lots of windows to bring in plenty of natural light. As such, the home has an atmosphere of calmness about it. There are also plenty of more traditional Japanese elements, like the woodwork for example.

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The client requested a building for the married couple and their two children to live in, with a space for home office, at a site located in the suburb. There is a plan for a large-scale facility in the adjacent property; and an arterial road with high traffic runs on the south side of the client lot. – Fujiwara Muro Architects

The windows also serve to keep the home well ventilated, and are positioned so to as to maintain the occupants privacy. The first floor is a mix of open and closed plan rooms. There’s an open plan living room, dining area and kitchen, separated only by a change in floor levels.

House in Tokushima - FujiwaraMuro Architects - Japan - Interior 3 - DesignFutz

Under such conditions, a spatial structure was considered to secure lighting and ventilation while assuring privacy throughout the future. Line of sight and noise from the arterial road is blocked by soil banking built on the road side with surplus soil. – Fujiwara Muro Architects

Other rooms on the first floor include a large Japanese washroom, a pantry, toilet, and Japanese room. These rooms are all typically self-confined and can be found along the perimeter of the floor plan. The upper level contains a series of bedrooms, a workspace and a mini library.

House in Tokushima - FujiwaraMuro Architects - Japan - Interior 4 - DesignFutz

Photos © Toshiyuki Yano

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