House in Pribylovo by AB CHVOYA

This timber clad house is set in the village of Pribylovo in Leningrad Oblast, Russia. The project, which was completed in 2017, has simply been titled House in Pribylovo. It’s seen the design and construction of a home designed to take advantage of the surrounding landscape views.

Due to planning restrictions, the house had to be built on a small plot of land. The easiest way for the architects to meet their spacial requirements, was to simply add more stories. As such, House in Pribylovo has three floors.

House in Pribylovo - AB CHVOYA - Russia - Exterior 1 - designfutz

Project Details
Architects AB CHVOYA
Location Pribylovo, Leningrad Oblast, Russia
Area 183-square-meters
Year 2017
Photos Dmitry Tsyrencshikov

The property contains a total of 183-square-meters and looks out over the sea on the north side. It’s been designed by local architecture firm AB CHVOYA.

The ground floor is divided into a entrance and facility zone, along with the stair, and wide living / dining / kitchen zone, which has a completely transparent wall to the sea and a future outdoor terrace. – AB CHVOYA

House in Pribylovo - AB CHVOYA - Russia - Interior 7 - designfutz

Windows run along the length of the open plan living room, dining room and kitchen. They feature external shutters that provide the home with a degree of protection when the weather gets too cold, or when the home isn’t in use.

On the second floor four bedrooms (for each member of the family) and a tiny space below opening are situated, while the whole third floor is a studio with a large window to the sea. – AB CHVOYA

House in Pribylovo - AB CHVOYA - Russia - Interior 1 - designfutz

Because of the large sloping roof, skylight windows have been installed throughout the second and third floors. The interior walls are clad with planks of raw pine.

The only exception is the large northern wall, facing the sea and all bearing three openings – one full width panoramic glass wall with shutters on the ground floor, a small opening for the master bedroom and large studio window, that, especially in the evening, becomes an additional seamark, and flags the house in the village panorama. – AB CHVOYA

House in Pribylovo - AB CHVOYA - Russia - Interior 4 - designfutz

Photos © Dmitry Tsyrencshikov

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