Court House by Koizumisekkei Revolves Around a Basketball Court

Japan is known for its unusual and sometimes bonkers approach to housing. This house from Shizuoka in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, incorporates the owners love of basketball.

The entire house is designed around an internal basketball court, with living areas found scattered around its perimeter. The project, which was completed in 2015, was carried out with the help of local architecture firm, Koizumisekkei.

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Project Details
Location Shizuoka, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Area 132-square-meters
Year 2015
Photos Yano Photo

Most people settle for an outdoor court. For whatever reason, that wasn’t feasible in this project (most likely a limited plot of land). However, incorporating it into the central hub of the house introduced its own challenges. The architects had to strike a delicate balance between the court size and the other rooms in the house.

For this house project, we’ve tried to create a new relation between indoor basketball court and living house. The layout arrangement of this house is inspired by typical gymnasium layouts, where we have the indoor basketball court planned in centre core space of the house, with rooms located on opposite sides of the court.

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From the outside there isn’t much of a give-away as to what lies on the inside. In fact, the modern exterior would put you in mind of an industrial building rather than a home. However, from the inside, the double height space of the basketball court creates a feeling of spaciousness, despite it being a quarter of the size of a regular court.

The house is designed with a unique scale, which makes it hard to define whether the interior space is grand or narrow; the basketball court is ¼ the size of a regular basketball court, with a 3050mm high basketball ring, and a 6000mm high ceiling, which is even large enough to play free-throws.

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The court is intended to serve more than one purpose. It can act as an extension of the kitchen, act as a living room, or serve as extra space for the home library; it’s been left up to the owners to determine exactly how it’s used.

Photos © Yano Photo

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