Contempoary Eco Lodges from France Create a Quiet Scenic Getaway

This project, titled Eco Lodges, is set in the heart of Landes, France. It consists of a hotel, composed of several timber-clad cabins, set on little plot of wilderness in the French countryside. Eco Lodges required more than just the construction of the surrounding buildings; the lake-land site had to be landscaped to accommodate new dunes and slender pine trees.

Sand was dredged and heaped up around the perimeter of the lake, creating little bays where the cabins were to be built. The cabins themselves consist of a series of modern angular structures composed mostly of metal and wood. Their standout feature is their front concave, which provides privacy for the occupants from the adjacent cabins.

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Project Details
Architects Patrick Arotcharen Architecte
Location Saubion, France
Area 997-square-meters
Year 2015
Photos Vincent Monthiers, Mathieu Choiselat

The cabin interiors feature an open plan space, bar the bathroom, which has been placed to the back and enclosed by its own partition wall. The main living area has a living room and bedroom that flow into one another. The bedroom features a large wood-burning stove set at the foot of the bed.

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The pavilion’s oblique lines, as well as the reception building’s, form a contrast with the rounded dunes and the linear canopy behind. The harmony between the constructions and the environment is not built on imitation: the architecture and the site are defined by a contrasting homology.

The interior finish made up of wooden floors and cabinetry, plain white walls and pastel feature walls. The overall effect is a relaxing atmosphere, which slots in perfectly with the idyllic landscape.

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To the front of the cabin, there’s a small exterior deck. The angled side walls of the deck help maintain the privacy of the guests. It even includes a handing basket chair.

Built in wood, these are characterised by a notably prismatic arrangement which favours openings onto the lake whilst conserving the privacy of the occupants.

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According to the architects, the project attempted to make use of as many local resources and materials as possible, reducing carbon emissions due to transportation and boosting local trade.

Photos © Vincent Monthiers, Mathieu Choiselat

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