Chimney House – A Modern Interpretation of Traditional Slovenia

Dubbed The Chimney House by it’s creators, this house draws inspiration from the more traditional buildings surrounding it. The designers have reinterpreted the local vernacular design to produce a contemporary version, that satisfies both the clients brief and local regulations.

The clients contacted local architecture firm, Dekleva Gregorič Architects, who overseen the entirety of the project, from its inception to completion. The result is a modern gable roofed building that slips into its more traditional surroundings.

Chimney House - Dekleva Gregorič Architects - Slovenia - Exterior 4 - DesignFutz

Project Details
Architects Dekleva Gregorič architects
Location Logatec, Slovenia
Area 205-square-meters
Year 2016
Photos Flavio Coddou

The interior is made of the same clean lines that are apparent from the outside. The color palette is predominantly made up of the warm tones of wood, and the cool grey of concrete. The side walls of the home are lined with custom-built cabinetry that provides the occupants with an abundance of storage space.

Chimney House - Dekleva Gregorič Architects - Slovenia - Interior 1 - DesignFutz

Material definition of the interior responds to haptic abilities of inhabitants: oiled oak is used for all the surfaces that can be reached and touched by the human body, whereas the structure of the roof is in reinforced concrete showing the imprint of the wooden formwork that provides for the continuity of the texture of interior envelope. – Dekleva Gregorič Architects

By regulating the storage to the sides, the central corridor of the home remains free for other uses. There are two levels in total: a basement and ground floor. The basement contains the more private spaces, including an assortment of rooms, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Chimney House - Dekleva Gregorič Architects - Slovenia - Interior 2 - DesignFutz

The kitchen, with a multifunctional wood stove, plays the vital role in the private and social life of a couple living in the countryside. Stove’s centrally positioned chimney determines the concept of the house informing the centrally aligned layout of spaces within the specific cross-section of the house. The ridge of the roof is pushed apart creating a continuous skylight running throughout the house’s linear volume and providing top light for all the crucial spaces. – Dekleva Gregorič Architects

The ground floor, again, contains a bedroom to one end, while the remainder is occupied by a substantial dining room and kitchen. The dining room is capable of seating up to 12 people and a small bathroom can be found at the end of the room.

Photos © Flavio Coddou

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  1. The “Chimney ” house is stunning! beautiful and functional and so very creative. the stairs would not be welcome at this time of my life, but for the first 70 years of my life this would have been perfect!!!!!!!!

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