Casa Clara – A Small Minimalist Family Home from Brazil

This project, called Casa Clara, is composed of a small home set among the green pastures of Brasilia in Brazil. According to the architects, the home displays a strong sense of “personality” and was a clear solution to the clients brief. So much so, they named it Clara, which means clear in Portuguese.

A local firm, by the name of 1:1 Arquitetura Design (lead by Lilian Glayna), were enlisted by the client. The overall responsibility for the design and delivery of the home lay with them. Not that they needed to worry, as the end result is a fantastic contemporary home.

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Project Details
Architects 1:1 Arquitetura Design
Location Brasilia, Brazil
Area 123-square-meters
Year 2016
Photos Edgard Cesar

The clients are composed of a couple with a single child and two cats. The brief required all the typical things you’d expect to find in a family home (kitchen, living room, bathroom etc) but the main challenge presented by the clients in this case, was a very tight construction schedule; the home had to be completed as quickly as possible.

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The entire house is delicately supported on the downhill terrain. The landscape have a free view from the interior, even the layout is clear, simple solution with elegant design, in some ways this house is very minimal.

To speed up the construction process they made use of a steel structure that was quick to assemble and fit-out. Given its location, thermal performance was very important. To address this, the facades vary from being completely solid, to coated almost entirely with glass Solar gain and internal temperatures are also controlled through cross-ventilation.

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Casa Clara also privileges the thermal control (that is very important in Brazil, as a tropical country) the natural illumination and cross ventilation are also important, identified in the formal volume solution. Some facades are entire solids, some others are totally opened in glass and some other have both demands.

Photos © Edgard Cesar

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