Book and Bed Kyoto – A Capsule Hotel for Bookworms

Book and Bed Kyoto is a new and unusual form of accommodation. It’s modeled, in a fashion, after the famous capsule hotels of Japan’s dense cities, except the capsules in this project are enclosed by bookcases.

Book and Bed refers to itself as “an accommodation bookshop”. It’s pitched as the perfect pit-stop for bookworms seeking a unique reading environment and an overnight – or several night – stay.


The capsules themselves aren’t lined with luxurious fluffy pillows and mattresses. Instead the capsules are simply furnished. Focus is placed on creating a private, quiet getaway to immerse yourself in your book of choice. And, speaking of books, there’s no shortage of them either; the walls are lined with over 5,000 books (in both England and Japanese).


There are two types of bed available: Bookshelf, capsules surround by – you guessed it – bookshelves; and River View, a bedroom that sports views of the nearby Kamogawa river. Beds come in two sizes, standard and compact. Each capsule also comes equipped with book lights, a privacy curtain, clothes hangers, an outlet, and, of course, free WiFi.

If you’d like to stay a spell in Book and Bed, prices start from 4,445 yen ($39 US).

Photos © Bed and Book

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