Bird Box Cabins – A Unique Retreat from Norway by Damian Maynard and Jim Wilson

This project is the brainchild of designers Damian Maynard and Jim Wilson. The duo first met in the UK while studying together at university in Brighton.

While working on a hostel research project, they discovered they had much in common, particularly with regard to design and the environment. Their friendship ultimately lead them to create Bird Box Cabins, an innovative little company based out of Norway.


Over the years they’ve worked mostly independently, collaborating every now and then to produce bespoke furniture pieces, or going on an architectural salvage expedition. Their most recent collaboration saw them produce a bird box for humans.


The duo spent two years designing and building the structure. Their conversations, back-of-the-envelope sketches, and drafts eventually lead them to the realize BirdBoxCabin – a treehouse-like structure nestled among the pine and birch woodlands of Norway.


The cabin itself is 3-meters square and elevated on top of 3-meter tall stilts on an outcrop of granite. It’s elevated position provides the occupant with a “birds-eye experience” of the forest canopy.

“Intended as a place of solace and reflection, a place to observe and learn. This thoughtful approach is reflected in the careful consideration given to its construction.”


The structure itself is mainly composed of recycled and repurposed materials – having a minimal impact on the environment was an important aspect for Maynard and Wilson:

“Floor and door timbers are from a local farmhouse demolition and panelling harvested from derelict agricultural outbuildings. Where new timber has been necessary it has been sourced from a local sustainable supply.”

The cabin is set on the edge of an inland fjord called Rjandsfjordenin in county Oppland. It sports scenic views of snow-capped mountains and forests, and, thanks to a wood-burning stove, it can be used during any season.

Photos © Bird Box Cabins

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