Bare House – An Exercise in Simplicity by Jacobs-Yaniv Architects


Suitably named Bare House, this home was designed by and for two architects and their two children. The process of designing their own home took about 6 years – there were several iterations and variations of the design, but a lack of time was the real reason for the delay.

Over the course of the 6 years, and after working with several clients through their own firm, Jacobs-Yaniv Architects, their experiences with other people helped to feed into their own. They were better able to distill their own needs and wants for their home.

Bare House - Jacobs-Yaniv Architects - Israel - Exterior 4 - DesignFutz

After living on the plot in a small house for many years, and experiencing life by 2 large pecan nut trees, and many other fruit trees, we knew the new house would become part of the existing garden which has been there long before us. The green surroundings, ideal daylight and western breeze from the close by Mediterranean were our starting point.

Bare House - Jacobs-Yaniv Architects - Israel - Interior 1 - DesignFutz

It was this back to basics approach that made them look to bare materials. In the end, they settled on simple grey block work, that was used both externally and internally. This was done in order to reinforce the idea of connecting with the garden and blurring the distinction between interior and exterior.

Bare House - Jacobs-Yaniv Architects - Israel - Interior 11 - DesignFutz

There are other benefits to using block work – it’s a robust, durable material that doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance, unlike other finishes such as render.

Bare House - Jacobs-Yaniv Architects - Israel - Interior 7 - DesignFutz

Concrete and blockwork are the most common building materials and building techniques in Israel. On a practical note, the raw finishes weather respectfully and aesthetically unlike render that always needs refurbishment. We love the local materials a lot and are always disappointed when render covers everything.

Photos © Amit Geron

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