Aperture House from Thailand by Stu/D/O


Set in the city of Bangkok in Thailand, this property has been built for a photographer and a landscape designer. It’s been dubbed Aperture House and aims to frame views of the surrounding landscape, embracing nature. Not satisfied with simply capturing the views, greenery has also been embedding into it’s rooms and spaces.

The property contains a total of 3767.36-square-feet (350-square-meters) and four floors. It was completed back in 2016 and designed by local architecture firm Stu/D/O. They incorporated large windows into the design in order to play with light (and shadow), allowing them to change the atmosphere of a room over the course of the day.

Aperture House - Stu-D-O - Thailand - 0 - DesignFutz

Project Details
Architects Stu/D/O
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Area 350-square-meters
Year 2016

Aperture House - Stu-D-O - Thailand - 1 - DesignFutz

The large openings displays full-framed view of the surrounding vistas for the main functions of the house. Whilst the expansive facade openings flood rooms with daylight, the small tapered openings composed main corridors, filtering natural light patterns to continuously transform and enhance the domestic spaces.

Photos © Stud/D/O

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