A Mexico City Apartment Renovation by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

This renovation project is set in the historic neighborhood of Colonia Roma, in the central district of Mexico City. The neighborhood was originally developed in the 19th century, and was home to an orthogonal grid of large estate houses. Over time, people favored the suburbs over the city central location, and the neighborhood emptied.

In 1985, an earthquake lead to many of the grand old houses being damaged or destroyed. This was largely due to the subsoil composition, which liquefied under the seismic vibrations of the earthquake. Many of the neighborhood’s buildings were destroyed, and the ones left standing were abandoned.

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Project Details
Architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales
Location Calle Córdoba, México
Area 90-square-meters
Year 2015
Photos Imagen Subliminal

But, over time, the district began to flourish again – it’s now one of the city’s most visited spots, with art galleries, restaurants and cafes. This new lease on life has prompted the restoration of its old buildings. Some, like this property, have been converted into a series of apartments.

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This property renovation was undertaken by local architecture firm Cadaval & Solà-Morales. They sought to introduce a bright, modern home while still maintaining elements of the buildings history. The result is a mix of contemporary and industrial design.

The project seeks to explore new possible configurations within the framework of the spatial distribution that allows the existing space.

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The first floor of the duplex apartment is roughly split into two sections. The private quarters, such as the bedroom and bathroom, are found to the back where there’s less of a need for large amounts of light. To the front there’s a spacious double height area, complete with a kitchen, dining area and living room.

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A mezzaine level runs the width of the property and overlooks the living area below. It’s accessed by a floating steel staircase, found to the side of the living room. The upper level contains a second bedroom, a home office and a second bathroom.

A simplification of the spatial structure of the apartment is sought as a tool to allow a clear reading of the main space and their relationship with the city.

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