2DM Create A Pair of Beach Houses Nestled Between the Sea and Cliff-side

This project, descriptively titled as “2 Houses in Puertecillo”, saw the design and construction of two waterfront homes. The houses are set on a narrow strip of land in Navidad, Chile. To the front, the cabins overlook the sea, while the rear of the properties face a cliff.

With a footprint of 118-square-meters, the houses are relatively compact. They’re also raised off of ground level in an attempt to help reduce their impact on the site, and provide better views for the occupants.

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Project Details
Architects 2DM
Location Navidad, Chile
Area 118-square-meters
Year 2016
Photos 2DM

Living spaces are stacked on top of one another in a juxtaposition of cabin-like boxes. The exterior of the houses are clad in dark, vertically aligned, wood siding. Windows and doors have have been left with a more natural finish, making them to stand out against the darker backdrop.

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The interior continues with the cabin theme; the floors, walls and ceilings are all finished in wood. The overall effect, when combined with the forest views to the rear, is that of a cabin in the woods, rather than a beach house. The living spaces are furnished simply – the focus seems to be on providing outward views and embracing the surroundings.

Thus, the question arises immediately: how not to fall into the evident blatancy of the view to the sea, having it in front like an unavoidable scene with no mediating between sight and sea?. The answer is to measure. A volume is then proposed that revolves in itself to receive the sea as a surprise, as a violent blow of sight, and a different perspective each and every time, as a sight that cannot be anticipated.

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The first floor is dedicated to the private rooms. Here you’ll find the home’s bedrooms and bathroom, along with a series of storage units. The master bedroom features a small balcony to the front.

The upper level contains the main living space, an open plan room serving as a kitchen dining room and living room. There’s also a toilet on this level for convenience. A substantial deck (the roof of the bedroom below) can be accessed from the living room, providing a relaxing spot to soak up the surroundings.

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We can say that it is a work that achieves, not an immense, unique sea, but several, that of the northern rockery, Punta Puertecillo to the south, and so on. In this way, the two volumes that contain and tighten the volume appear: the sea and the cliff.

Photos © 2DM

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